Our instructors are experts and are knowledgeable in identifying what you need to learn and how to assist you in achieving your goals. They possess an understanding of the requirements of propane business owners in regards to the type of employees they seek and the propane customers they serve. You won’t find yourself adrift in a vast classroom setting, as personal attention is given to each student.



SEPATEC provides training courses for individuals who are interested in the propane industry. The CETP course is specifically designed to help you obtain the certification that will enable you to start or advance in your propane career. Additionally, our individual courses offer the opportunity to refine your skills and provide the necessary knowledge to progress in your profession.


Training that is focused on a career now


No filler classes


State-of-the-art facilities


Hands-on training


No wasted time

State-of-the-art facilities

SEPATEC’s 10,000-square-foot facility in North Carolina has classrooms and a training area called Propane Village. It features equipment and tools like electrical boards, tanks, gauges, and valves for hands-on learning.


Why Learn With Us?

Whether you enroll in the complete CETP course or opt for individual courses, you will receive training from propane industry experts located in the southeastern region. These professionals possess a deep understanding of what you need to learn and how to help you achieve your objectives. They are also well-versed in the requirements of propane business owners when it comes to hiring employees and serving propane customers.


8-week Service Technician Course

Student: Dyllan Jorgensen

“My experience at SEPATEC was exceptional. The 8-week propane technician course provided hands-on experience, a comprehensive curriculum, and knowledgeable, friendly instructors. The program equipped me with the technical knowledge needed for the propane industry. Thanks to SEPATEC, I secured new job opportunity, showcasing the school’s commitment to preparing students for successful careers. I highly recommend SEPATEC for any seeking practical skills in the propane industry.”

8-week Service Technician Course

Student: Derik Furness

“SEPATEC gave me a tremendous start into my career in the propane industry by providing industry standard training at their well-designed facility. Their highly trained and professional instructors made learning easy and very translatable from my former career as an Army Mechanic. The balance of classroom to hands-on learning allowed me to retain the information quickly while allowing self-paced repetitions with all hands-on tasks for better understanding. After graduation, their workforce generation program provided opportunity through interviews into finding my new career into the propane industry.”

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Southeast Propane Alliance Technical Education Center (SEPATEC) is the leading trade school in the Southeast, providing hands-on propane training to students looking to start a career in the propane industry. If you’re looking to discover your future in propane, transform your career, or start your propane career today, SEPATEC is the right choice for you.

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