Propane service technician course

The beginning of your new career path.

Outstanding training that gets you working in propane fast

SEPATEC is an innovative program with concentrated, career-focused hands-on courses at our state-of-the-art facility, centrally located in Graham, North Carolina. Our courses are crafted to provide you with thorough training so that you can be confident of being employed quickly, beginning your new career in propane.


Approved for the GI Bill®


100% Propane Education and Research Council Scholarships Available


Hands on focus


Training that is focused on a career now


Propane Service Technician or Propane Delivery Driver

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Approved Courses For GI Bill®

The propane industry is a great fit for veterans!
Veterans from all service backgrounds are encouraged to apply! The discipline, work ethic, skills and experience you gained while in service will serve you well in this great new career.


No filler classes.


State-of-the-art facilities.


Hands-on training.


No wasted time.


Focused training for a career in propane!
If the idea of going back to school for a new career has you hesitating, Southeast Propane Alliacne Technical Education Center has some reassurance for you.

SEPATEC is about training you for a career in the propane industry. That’s it. You don’t have to take unnecessary classes like a foreign language, history or literature.

Instead, our training is designed to give you what you need to start your propane career, and grow your skills to advance your propane career.
SEPATEC students are engaged in gaining the knowledge and skills for working with propane, both in stimulating and interesting discussions in the classroom and through intensive lab work that gives you hands-on experience.

Training at SEPATEC isn’t just for newcomers to the propane industry. Our CETP course is designed to help you get the certification that will help you start or advance in the propane business. And taking our individual courses gives you the opportunity polish up your skills and provides what you need to move up in your career.

Whether you take the full CETP course or take individual courses, you’re going to learn from propane industry leaders based right here throughout the southeast. These experts know what you need to learn and how to help you reach your goals. They also understand the needs of propane business owners when it comes to the employees they’re looking for, and the propane customers you’ll be serving in your new career.

You won’t be lost in a large classroom. We keep enrollment in each course and class at 12 students, which means you’ll get personal attention and answers to your questions.

Courses and classes are offered quarterly, with fall, winter, spring and summer sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SEPATEC a better option for me than other schools?

SEPATEC is operated by the Southeast Propane Alliance (SEPA), which represents propane businesses all over the southeast, we know what you need from your training and what our businesses need from their employees. SEPA members recognize and value the training you get at SEPATEC, and frequently hire graduates of our course. While we don’t participate directly when it comes to job placement, our members let us know when they have job opportunities and they’re invited to meet our students.

Do I need technical experience to attend SEPATEC?

You don’t need technical experience for our CETP course.